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XERUN - XR10 - Pro - Waterproof - 2S - BL - ESC

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XERUN - XR10 - Pro - Waterproof - 2S - BL - ESC

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Erschienen im:Mai 2024

Introducing from Hobbywing is the XERUN& WATERPROOF 1/10th Competition 2S Speed Control!

IP67 protection, all-weather operation
The new XR10 Pro-WP is able to easily handle conditions, from rain, dust, and sand with a proven waterproof and dust-proof design that is exceeds IP67 industrial standards.

Adjustable Throttle Curvature
New throttle curvature adjustments allow additional tuning of the thrttle and brake response. With +10 curve, to -10 curve settings, and a custom curve allow drivers more options to get the perfect throttle feel.

Real-time data acquisition, easy analysis
When connected to the OTA module, and using the HW Link V2 App, bench top live data can be monitored. You are able to view, in real time, Throttle, Voltage, Temperatures, and RPM in real time. The ESC also supports additional data logs when operated with the OTA installed. Data logs are saved to the OTA to be viewed after the run. Use the OTA Module and your Phone/Tablet to Tune the ESC. The OTA module allows you to connect to your ESC using the HW Link V2 app. This allows ESC tuning and Firmware updates.

Built-in BEC supporting high-voltage servos
The ESC has a built in switch mode BEC rated up to 10 amps. BEC voltage is adjustable from 5-7.4 volts, (0.1v steps). The internal BEC is able to easily handle todays most power hungry servos.

Max Brake Tuning - 101%-150%
Active brake provides stronger brake force and ensures Stock/Spec class racing setups have enough stopping power. Developed for the ESC brakes to handle very tall spec racing gear ratios that are commonly used.

Wide range of applications
Based on the flagship XR10 Pro series platform, it has strong output capability and is suitable for various Modify and Stock competitions in 1/10th on-road and 1/10th off-road.

Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit
The ESC has built in reverse voltage protection. This ensures the ESC will be protected from accidental cross connection of the battery.

Smart Fan start & stop function
The fan does not run when the ESC temperature is low. The fan automatically turns on when the ESC temperature reaches the preset value. The smart fan start&stop function not only reduces noise, saves power, but
also ensures that the ESC works in the optimal temperature range.

Equipped with powerful core processor
The 32-bit M4 processor greatly improves the data processing capabilities of the ESC. It not only allows the ESC to respond faster, but is able to perform complexity and precise data calculations. It lays the foundation for subsequent ESC function upgrades and optimization. Professional competition-grade hardware combined with powerful software makes it a weapon global of competition.

Note: Do not submerge. Damage may occur when submerged.
Note: The effective Bluetooth transmission distance is approximately 5m!
Note: The reverse polarity protection of the entire power system can be achieved only by using the non-polarity capacitor sold as an option.
The standard capacitor of the ESC does not have this protection. Reverse connection of the battery will damage the capacitor, but the ESC should not be damaged. Replacement of the capacitor is needed immediately.

Best Combination?XeRun V10 G3/G4R

Applications : 1/10th Touring & Buggy racing, 1/10th Drift, F1, Rally On-road.


Sensored Brushless ESC
Cont./Peak Current : 160A/1200A Motor Limit : Touring Car??4.5T Buggy??5.5T
LiPo Cells : 2S LPpo(Only 2S) Cooling fan : Powered by built-in BEC
Motor Type : Sensorless/Sensored Brushless Motor
BEC Output : 5-7.4V Adjustable, Continuous Current of 5A (Switch-mode)
Size/Weight (including wire) : 37.7x37.2x19.6mm (w/o Fan)/95.6g (w/ wires)
Drifting F1 Programming port : Independent programming port

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