Stick-it 105 - Sekundenkleber - Dünnflussig - 25gr

Stick-it 105 - Sekundenkleber - Dünnflussig - 25gr

Corally • Klebstoff

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Stick-it 105 - Sekundenkleber - Dünnflussig - 25gr

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Team Corally STICK-IT 105 has a water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a matter of a few seconds. Surfaces to be bonded must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the CA around the edges of the seam. Thin CAs work very well on woods since they penetrate into the wood and form more than just a surface bond. The special needle cap ensures the nozzle do not get clogged up.

- Superior penetrating formula
- Super thin viscosity, water like consistency
- Bonds and cures in 1 to 5 seconds
- Works on most materials
- Special anti-clogging needle cap
- Made in Europe

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